Hi, I'm Angy

I am an Italian and an Israeli, I'm a chef and a painter, and I love to explore everything about food: ingredients, spices, techniques, and traditions. It all started when I was a young child with a natural passion for textures and colors.


I was born in Milan, and in my childhood instead of playing with Plasticine, I used to help my grandma to prepare Gnocchi and pasta in her Trattoria - a local restaurant which served regional and classic Italian dishes made from local fresh ingredients using traditional recipes. 

Years went by in schools and Italian kitchens, and after I graduated a B.A. in Fine Arts from the "Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera", I moved to New York and then to LA,

researching for new materials to express myself with - both in art and in cooking. When I went back home to Italy, my family decided to change the atmosphere, and and move to Venice! In the picturesque Venice my father, who is also a painter, and I, opened together the "Levantina Factory" gallery, where we could both paint, create, and have fun and art for dinner!  You can take a look here...


In 2015 I came to Israel for attending an Art Festival, and I found here both the man I love, and an exciting, innovative Israeli chef restaurant scene. I did 'Aliya', we lived in beautiful Jaffa, and I started working at the mythological Herbert Samuel restaurant. In my free time I explored the secrets of Tel-Aviv food culture and marketplaces, traveled the country with my boyfriend (who is a tour guide), and after we got married we moved to Udim village.


Nowadays I'm already a proud mom to a charming baby girl, I continue painting and creating art, and I enjoy offering my skills and passion for food for anyone who needs a private chef, whether if it's for a creative, seasonal, tailor-made party buffet - or for an indulging 10-course private dinner.



Every event has its own style, invitees, and purpose.
For the culinary aspect to fit the event properly, and succeed in intriguing, appetizing and satisfying, 
it is important for me to understand the event's vibe, and also your personal preferences.
I also recommend preparing Vegan and/or Vegetarian alternatives...

Party's Chef


Corporate Chef 


Chef Dinner



Thank you for the amazing experience!!! The food was great and such a good presentation!!!



It was a great night!

Thank you for the vibe that you gave us.

The food was great!!


I didnt know you and you didnt let me down!! Such a caring Chef, very sweet and in the work... A real Italian!

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